FlatSpin Recordings

FlatSpin is a recording studio in East Cannington, Perth, Western Australia.

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FlatSpin is a medium sized recording studio situated in East Cannington, Perth and has
been operating since the early '90s.
The control room and performance room are acoustically architectured and airconditioned.
Bands can play live using baffles and amp isolation and/or multi-track.
Full Recording, Mixing and Mastering services provided.
Songwriting and Production assistance available along with session musos if required.

Times And Rates:

Rates can vary depending on services required, but $30 per hour is about the norm.
I usually operate from 2pm to 7pm on weekends/public and on weekdays I do 5pm to 7pm for $50.
All day on weekdays is available but I need a bit of advanced notice.